Steeped in history – What once was the city’s largest two-story wooden building, serving as the settlement’s inaugural free-house in the 1880s, a hospital for the Red Coats during the New Zealand land wars, and the surgery and residence for Dr George Walker Jnr and Snr in the 20th century – is now what we know as the Nice Hotel.


Deemed Taranaki’s ‘host with the most’ – Terry Parkes, Owner, has transformed this historic residence into an extravagant maximalist marvel.


When you think ‘Nice Hotel’ – you think ‘Terry Parkes’. His distinctive flair, experience within the industry, and personality,  seamlessly complement the grandeur of his boutique hotel.


As an integral part of the Taranaki scene, Terry has not just revitalized this historic residence; he’s woven it into the fabric of the region. His passion for hospitality extends beyond the opulent interiors, creating an experience that encapsulates the essence of Taranaki’s warmth and hospitality. Terry’s commitment to excellence ensures that every guest feels not just welcomed, but truly embraced by the spirit of the Nice Hotel.

Your experience

Nice boldly embraces its 1870s roots with a playful retro vibe, a far departure from the typical dull hotel colour schemes, unafraid to add a touch of cheekiness.


Rest assured, the modern luxuries are not to be missed at Nice Hotel. Each room boasts a minibar, a work desk, complimentary parking, tea/coffee facilities, and the renowned restaurant on-site, boasting multiple awards.