New Plymouth's unique boutique hotel.

Discover opulence, immerse yourself in a world full of surprises and stay in New Plymouth’s unique boutique hotel.​

Blending the old world with the new, Nice Hotel is a unique experience that will leave you wanting more. With delicious dining options, exquisite rooms, and a drinks list that caters to everyone, Nice Hotel blends timeless elegance with contemporary convenience, promising an experience that tantalizes all your senses.


From the lobby adorned with eclectic art to the corridors echoing stories of a bygone era, every corner invites you to explore its rich history while enjoying modern comforts. The fusion of tradition and innovation creates an atmosphere where every guest feels transported, finding solace in the familiarity of the past and the excitement of the present. Whether you’re an old soul or a contemporary soul, Nice Hotel promises an unforgettable stay.

Meal at Nice Hotel, New Plymouth

Eat & Drink

Indulge your senses as you eat and drink your way through the "local and honest food" of Nice Hotel.

Room at the Nice Hotel, New Plymouth


You'd never expect New Plymouth’s oldest wooden building to have been resorted with eclectic and luxurious rooms.

Functions at Nice Hotel New Plymouth


Book something different, something with flair and something that your guests won’t forget.

Weddings at Nice Hotel, New Plymouth


Tie the knot with flair at Nice Hotel – an all-inclusive venue with accommodation, food and celebrant.


Our Story

Originally built in 1870, the Nice Hotel is rich in history and charm. Terry Parkes, owner, is passionate about creating a slice of heaven for our guests.

Nice Hotel Exterior

What's Coming Up...

Nice Hotel is a pivotal part of the community, discover the latest events. 

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